Savage Words Podcast

Guided Interviews with people just like us

I’m just a regular girl (queue up Don’t Stop Believing :-)) that was lucky enough to be on a couple TV shows. The last show, Dog’s Most Wanted aired in 2019 with the incredible Beth Chapman. She also happened to be a dear and close friend.

As most know, Mrs. Dog lost her battle with cancer on 6/26/2019. This was a devastating event to not only witness on a personal level but, I was catapulted into a world in which I had normally remained relatively anonymous.

Since her two years battle and a year since her passing, I have been embraced into a world that would have (but for that event) remained her thing.  As the universe would have it, this world provided much healing for me. I am hopeful that most felt they could retain just a little bit of Mrs. Dog as I shared personal stories over the years of their hero.

This podcast is designed to embrace the love of this incredible journey.  I set out to interview women, just like me, just like us, that have struggled and won. Some have struggled and lost. All have learned something. Something we can learn and share.

                                                                                                                        Savage Words Podcast 2020